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The Process of Installation

The Layout
The layout is the most critical part of the job.  The Wall People do not take this lightly. Given our years of experience we know how to navigate the most difficult situations. Be it a phone line or the root of your favorite tree your we will prevail. Where concrete walls require feet we require inches. It involves placing a string line where the actual wall will be installed. 
The Footing
The Wall People believe strongly in using cement that is   3000psi ( pounds per square inch ) strength concrete. NO bags here we prefer the real deal. Others who cut corners by using bags compromise the integrity of your wall. In addition The Wall People use 16 gauge Galvanized beams for long lasting stability.  
The Foam
At this point The Wall People install the backdrop for your outdoor living environment ! Foam Panels are placed between the galvanized steel beams to form the actual wall. Rust proof corner bead creates a permanently clean outline of your wall. Again, The Wall People do not cut corners when it comes to internal construction of your wall.
Your choice Our pleasure ! The Wall People take great pride in our abilities to match your existing stucco or create the pattern of your dreams. Not sure ? We know what works. Be it Mediterranean or Modern we can deliver.
Again, another overlooked necessity. No worries here. The Wall People use specifically engineered stucco primer and mildew resistant paint to withstand the extreme subtropical climate.